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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Back and mea culpa

Well I'm back after a tiring trip to Hong Kong which was eventful and also dealing with the aftermath of the event as well as dealing with a house move and so on and so forth. I will be now trying to do my weekly blog now that things are back to normal. Certainly after seeing the ease with which video is being used, I will be certainly looking at increasing the use of video to not only capture knowledge and other things but also as a means of communication. I think that looking at HD video is the way forward. Steve Jobs about two years ago said this was the year of High Def. I think he was two years early - certainly for the UK. Video camcorders can now be bought with high def for under a £1k mark and I can remember 3 years ago where a video camcorder cost roughly £800 and now it is down about £300. Credit crunch or not - I think that in about 2 years time technology will bring hi def to being the de facto standard. I'd certainly like to try that as an experiment at either a COP or another skills network.