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Friday, November 21, 2008

A very large apology

For those who have been following me on this blog and wondering where I've been - well a lot has happened over the last 5 months in my life and so blogging has had to take a very large back seat. In July we had an offer to move house which we couldn't turn down but to get the deal we had to complete by the end of August.

Then my wife went into hospital for her regular 6 monthly treatment at the end of July. Shortly following in August that she had a cancer scare which required treatment and another brief operation.

As you will appreciate, we then had limited time to arrange finance and organise the house move - but we managed to do so by the end of August. We then moved into the house and then went on a holiday for two weeks to the USA and also work related activities. We've basically been working on the house all the hours that we have had so time and energy have a limit. However I have still been reading and am keeping an eye on what is going on in the world of Enterprise 2.0 and knowledge management and will share my thoughts in due course.

The blog for me is a place where i can share articles and my thoughts on KM. I don't lay claim to being the most dazzlingly original (British understatement) but a place where I can access my thoughts and also practice what I preach in sharing knowledge.

An area that I was impressed in whilst I was in the US was a conversation I had with a couple of committed Obama fans as to how he was reaching out to people using Social media through his web site and how people and volunteers could help his campaign.

It's all a long way from Howard Dean's original effort in 2004 - but it will be interesting to consider the possible cross overs into business and how Obama uses this to get his message over once he is in power.

Here are some of the thoughts picked up today from the NY Times article in my inbox yesterday

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