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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Moving on from Blogs...

We all know about blogs and that they are seen as a light way to capture knowledge in an organisation.

However, whilst lying in bed I was looking at a you tube video featuring Chad Vader (Darth Vaders stupid brother) - go to you tube and put it in a search field.

I wonder if we shall soon see the rise of the video blog as a way of capturing information or even used as a way for senior management to inform staff of events and invite comment from staff, rather than a bland e-mail. You could utilise it to capture peoples thoughts on a variety of issues and put it in a richer and more accessible media format than the very static formats that we use. It is important to remember though that the technology is useless without people engaging with it and utilising it at a time that suits them.

The cost of this technology is steadily diminishing - and one day I hope to be able to do something like this at home and produce it as a proof of concept.

I’m not saying that blogs are on their way out - far from it - it just means that we can utilise a variety of formats to spread information around the organisation.

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