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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Following up on innovation

Occasionally as a blogger, you do get serendipity and someone actually writes about he need to heighten the level of rewards for innovation for employees.

It is interesting to note that in Thursdays Birmingham Post (12/04) Fergal Dowling at Irwin Mitchell highlights that one of the problems for innovation in the Midlands by an organisations employees, appears to be the thought that the employer will effectively leave them empty handed and not reward them properly for their innovative idea.

He highlights the provisions of the Patents Act 2004 which lowered the threshold for which employees could claim compensation from their employers for ideas their companies took on and patented.

There are two problems for employees - one is lack of knowledge of the amended act but also that the employee has to take action against their employer - which even in the best of job circumstances may not be the best career move.

Moving on from the initial post he suggests that companies be more up front and have a policy where new ideas/inventions are rewarded above and beyond how some organisations do it for those innovations that might bring a new product or a different way to do business.

Perhaps by having a two tier system as I mentioned in my earlier post, may move innovation forward by encouraging people to come up with more business oriented thoughts in addition to those small scale improvements. There is room for both in an organisation.

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