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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Back from honeymoon and a few thoughts

Now back from the completion of the wedding and the honeymoon with Sandy in the City of love - Paris. Unfortunately, although the day was special and magical for us both, the weather did disappoint with it lashing down with rain from the moment that we arrived in church to the end of the reception. We had hoped for the weather to be better in Paris - but unfortunately, it rained fairly constantly in Paris as well. Still we were together and we found enough to do in the city to have a great time.

I got back to deal with the various administrative issues that have resulted in our marriage. I have come back to deal with the changes of name as is required. As some organisations will not accept certified copies of a marriage certificate to change Sandy's name, the process will take some time. One would hope that some time in the future, you can have a marriage certificate that you can send an electronic certified copy that organisations will accept to speed up the process. That would be a government reform that most married couples would be happy to support.
Anyway I will now start to be blogging again once I have waded through the reading that has accumulated after 10 days. One particular area is relating to the talent management issues as well as communities of practice to support knowledge sharing.

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