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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Going on honeymoon

As many of my readers will be aware, I have mentioned Sandy in a number of blogs. Well this Saturday we get married in our local church and then we are going on honeymoon. Therefore this blog will be going quiet until the 28th August. I haven't been so active this week as I've been dealing with all the final things before the wedding as well as an attending a job interview and preparing for that..

I noticed on Business Week a series of articles on the future of work that I thought were interesting and I'm placing a link to the main page which can act as a jumping off post for people to read.

I'm particularly interested in the articles on the following - the poll on what will happen 10 years from now and how globalisation and technology will change dramatically how we do our jobs.

A series of articles on managing the new work force and especially the role of senior management acting as a networker par excellence and getting all star teams together - maybe using Facebook or other social networking technology as a means of doing this. and especially the article on Oticon and how it removed office boundaries. I'm aware of the work that Oticon has done to become a learning organisation and especially the work that Lars Kolind did in this area but how also there is still the need for balance as people do feel the need to be led but also require trust and the desire to be creative.

I was talking to another experienced knowledge manager a few days ago about utilising something like Face Book within an organisation. I proposed that it could be utilised to not only show people a picture of the person and internal contact details. It could also be used as a means of capturing via a link to the financial management system the current work that the person is working on and where they are up and down on their financial figures. It would also act as a record of what pieces of work they have carried out in the year so that when the manager carries out an appraisal he has someones work record.

I'd also like to consider using as I've said before in previous blogs the use of Apple like widgets that run behind the scene carrying snippets of information to help people such as what the current billing levels are and also advising you of legal updates.

It could also carry a link to the blogs that they are subscribed to - say for example a blog done internally relating to legal updates in a particular area. I think that this is an area where we can help people to receive the information they want to receive but also the information that the organisation wants them to receive. I think that we are only bounded by peoples imaginations and we should look to provide them with the widgets/building blocks to create the page that they want.

It could also capture which Communities of Practice that they are working on or also what areas of work they are looking to work on - say working on a M & A deal.

Anyway this is my last post for a few days as I plan to enjoy the wedding day, but also to relax on our honeymoon.

I may even post pictures at some time in the future.

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