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Monday, September 10, 2007

Bad Day at Black Rock

Been a bit busy on the job hunting front and had a bit of a bad day on Friday when 3 jobs I had been interviewed for came back to say that unfortunately I had not been selected - mainly due to over experience - anyway onwards and upwards.

I had an interesting e-mail on Saturday evening from a colleague which highlighted how people are using Amazon's Mechanical Turk as a means of searching for the lost aviator Steve Fossett. This involves people getting involved in Human Intelligence Tasks or HITS and getting paid for it if it is acceptable. 

I noticed that by this afternoon it was on the BBC web site so I imagine there are links all over the blogosphere. I'll be doing some this evening - but if you'd like to help then click on this link below.

Another example of using the crowds of people approach and viral marketing to provide useful knowledge. I often wondered when I was devising the knowledge management strategy at one firm whether there was a way we could use a mechanical turk approach to solve problems. I did come up with an answer to this but am not putting it out for the moment. 

Off on the search then.......

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