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Friday, August 04, 2006

Moving to a new site

This is the first blog utilising Blogger. I've moved to this new way of writing my blog as I have just started a new and exciting job with Wragge & Co as their new knowledge and compliance manager - but I will probably working on the knowledge management side for the near future.

Because I'm working for them full time, I don't feel that it is ethical for me to continue writing on the Mazarin web site which effectively advertised my old business as I am working for Wragges on a full time basis.

For those of you thatwould like to look at some of the old blogs then here is the link

Mazarin link

So in the future all my blogs will be on this site so I hope that you will enjoy my weekly updates on a variety of managerial subjects but also talking about issues in knowledge management as I see them.

If you would like to see some more about Wragge & Co then here is a link to their web site

Wragge & Co link

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