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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Cross Training, Mobile Phones & Knowledge Management

I try to read different publications from time to time to see what is going on in the world and to see if there is any cross-over into my field. Well this weeks browse was the New Scientist blog and it highlighted a patent that Sony Ericcson have drawn up to help people stick to an exercise regime using their mobile phone.

Apparently they have patented a wireless device that acts as a pedometer - which is set to a target - say 10k in steps per week,
If the owner hits the target the device then downloads a ring tone, a music track or video clip by way of reward. Or, if the owner slacks off and misses the target, the device deletes a file from its memory.

If two people are competing to help each other lose weight, Sony says such devices could compare users’ exercise scores. The person who clocked up most steps then steals a reward from the loser’s device.

Anyway this got me thinking about ways in which knowledge sharing could be enhanced in a law firm using a variant of this system.

I’ve noticed on my walks round the office that a number of people have either iPods or other MP3 players on their desks.

Would it incentivise you to pass on knowledge to say your Professional Support Lawyer (PSL) and it was voted on as the best piece of knowledge passed on to the PSL that week and you got a £20 iTunes voucher from them. The reward would be quick and publicised and you would not have to wait until your next appraisal.

Any comments gratefully received.

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