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Monday, July 30, 2007

More on Cogenz

Bill Ives who is a prolific writer on knowledge management has done an interesting article a few days ago on Cogenz and highlights a useful case study carried out in the UK at BUPA over the last 6 months.

Bills article of 25th July 2007 can be found here

As usual there are about 10% who are contributors - say for a law firm the PSL's - the rest are active browsers.

I'm surprised that this form hasn't taken off earlier as most people are knowledgeable about bookmarking on their browser. It will be interesting to see how this pilot develops and how it harnesses the collective intelligence of the organisation that it covers.

Interestingly they also trust their staff to police it themselves without the need for any restrictive edicts as some firms do with for say a blogging policy.

I'd certainly like to pay a visit to see how it has operated and talk to staff about the benefits that it has bought to the business.

I've been reading an interesting article that will cover internal communications and RSS and will comment on that tomorrow.

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