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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Proof if proof were needed

One of my regular reads is work by Andrew McAfee for his work on Enterprise 2.0. He has been looking to get a repository for all the good work that organisations are doing on Enterprise 2.0 and how it is being implemented. I know that a lot of organisations are doubtful about E 2.0 seeing it as yet another IT fad.

I don't but I see it as an important element of knowledge management in supporting people who have an interest to jot their thoughts down for people to access. It isn't a panacea but it is the closest that I've seen to helping networks develop and letting people put knowledge down in an easy to read format.

So if you know of an Enterprise 2.0 case study then go to the wiki that he has set up and add the details - but don't see it as an advertising site.

It's at Cases2,com
So spread the word with proof what Enterprise 2.0 can do for your business.

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