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Friday, January 08, 2010

Creativity and thoughts on a post

Seth's Blog: Why ask why?

A very brief but good post by Seth Godin, is the question of creativity and that the secret to it is curiosity. I'm just reading a book called the Red Rubber Ball at Work. It interviews people who are successful and the first view, I was struck by how much they played and created imaginary worlds in their mind.

I wonder how many of us still have that playful spirit or as the article goes stick to the status quo. The danger is that we can then end up in the land of commoditised knowledge and as Godin says we then stagnate individually and so does the company because it doesn't get the best out of its people who can say heres how we can improve this process or by seeing a potential pattern we can combine A to C and have a new product.

One of my new years resolutions is to try to read articles from outside of KM to see what I can mash up and gain new inspiration to bring back to my field. Maybe a bit of plorking might be called for one day...... to keep creating what if questions in my mind.

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