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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

A Season for Giving

A Season for Giving

A thoughtful post - I particularly liked this quote in full from the ever readable Mary Abraham - it reminded me of a nice comment from a colleague recently who stated that as the KM in my area of the business I was one of the few people who were able to help find the knowledge or the person he needed to help complete the project.

If we all gave one trinket of knowledge and you have a large organisation, then that is an awful lot of tacit knowledge. and then if you ally it to the network effect when because of one person you are inspired to add some knowledge then you can achieve a lot more in your day to day work.
The King Cake is a wonderful metaphor for pragmatic knowledge management. Just yesterday I thanked a colleague for his contribution to one of our knowledge management systems and in response he told me that his team had been able to complete their project in record time because another colleague had made an earlier helpful contribution to the same knowledge management system. In other words, the first contribution was the trinket in the King Cake. The lawyer who found it then stepped up to make a contribution of his own. When things work this way, knowledge sharing increases exponentially and knowledge managers have to spend less time helping skeptical lawyers understand “what’s in it for me.”

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