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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Enterprise 2.0 themes for 2010

As is usual at this time of the year, we receive peoples predictions for 2010. In the world of Enterprise 2.0 this is no different. I picked up on this post whilst browsing from a guy called Hutch Carpenter who runs a company called spigit which aims to help communities to help with innovation. This is an interesting area for me as I've been trying to get people to see how communities of practice can add value and be less of a theoretical talking shop by asking them to deliver a value product to help the company move forward.

I was looking though at his comments about Sharepoint 2010 which is going to be released this year.

Features that are going to be included are slated to be

  • Social profiles
  • An actual wiki
  • Blogs
  • Activity streams
  • Status updates
  • Presence status
  • Social bookmarking
  • Tags
  • Ratings
Now I have had some problems looking at Sharepoint 2007 but have seen some recent examples at companies that have made me look at it a little less sceptically.

I think that for large companies that are using Microsoft already and are looking to take the plunge into Sharepoint and deal with the rising demand for social software in their organisations, then this could be the safe approach during 2010.

I also think that some vendors will be able to provide bolt ons for Sharepoint 2010 similar to the wiki enhancement that Atlassian provides to Sharepoint 2007.

I consider that the new E 2.0 software needs to support workers so that they don't have to switch applications and lose that sense of flow.

Intranets need to change and be less corporate document dumping grounds and an area that supports people in their day to day work and that they find as easy to post material as adding a book mark to delicious.

I'd like to see an intranet a bit like netvibes or iGoogle where you have pods that you select rather than what the organisation thinks that you need. so you have in one area what you need to do your job - but also with some element of prediction so that possible new pods that you might like to subscribe to are covered.

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Paul said...

Hi Andrew, totally agree with your comment "E2.0 software needs to support workers so that they don't have to switch applications and lose that sense of flow." I currently use apps such as wiki's, email, microblogs & document management tools none of which are integrated...resulting in disconnects in the "conversations" Hopefully Sharepoint will rectify this.