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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Quick post update on Generation Why from a legal viewpoint

I was as at a meeting on Tuesday night and was talking to one of the guests who was talking about Generation Why. This is the Generation of current workers who were born between 1980 and 1994 and are entering the work place. I've talked about this on my previous blog. Anyway we talked about Generation Why and some of their traits especially how they are masters of using IT.

This got me thinking about mentoring in reverse where say a young solicitor helps a partner who is struggling with IT or wants to understand the new collaborative technology options via Web 2,0 to improve his or her skills/knowledge in exchange for tacit information say on how to network or how to deal with clients or any other types of experiential knowledge.

Interestingly enough the managing partner at Linklaters highlights how law firms can meet the needs of this generation which is the link in the title. I have to say that it has some interesting points but glosses over some of the points that writers such as Eric Chester who has written about this generation. I'll have something more to write about this shortly as it is late at night when writing this blog and I think that my readers deserve better comment.

However, for all partners out there, can I recommend that you start by reading this article and use it as a starting point to understand this new generation.

However one conclusion that I gain from it is that young lawyers don't quit their firm, they quit their boss.

So what are you doing to retain your future in a law firm?

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