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Monday, September 04, 2006

Retaining your knowledge base

In this weeks "The Lawyer" (click on title for the link) it highlighted that DLA Piper is looking to adjust it's career path for those people who don't wish to become a partner from the level of associate.. There is an interesting quote from the chief people officer (or HR director if you like) stating

"We have people at the firm who haven't made it through to partner but are still contributing. There's still room in the firm for them."

You bet there is - as you will have read from my previous blogs, the retention of experiential knowledge is key for firms not only in terms of the cost of trying to find a lateral recruitment but also getting them up to speed. I've talked about the needs for firms to look at ways of dealing with middlescence in there firms to make sure that people still feel that there is a challenge for them but also to make sure that they don't clog up the organisation - but also gives them the option that even if they don't want to be a partner now - the door is not firmly shut in their faces.

Just a short blog tonight as I had a busy weekend - but more tomorrow.

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