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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

By popular request-A tale of a Polish sausage.

There has been a lot of talk recently about how the UK is adapting to the influx of Polish workers and other immigrants.

As a bit of a foodie, I like to find new sources of food eating experiences and in Birmingham that isn’t difficult because of the diversity of people who live in the city.

I love the diversity of people in Birmingham and watching them all in the melting pot that this city is with diverse experiences that we can all benefit from.

Birmingham really is one of the best cities for assimilating new waves of immigrant populations who want to improve themselves because we have been so open to it.

Well I was driving back home over the weekend and suddenly pulled over because a new deli had opened up in Acocks Green.

This was a Polish deli and so had pierogi which are polish dumplings and all sorts of pickled cabbage and especially Polish Kabanos sausage. My fiancee Sandy laughed and said that I was the only person that she knew that could spot a new deli whilst driving at 40 mph down a road.

The important thing apart from the food to remember is that diversity of thought is also important when considering knowledge management and that we should all be inquiring about our surroundings and questioning them.

Some organisations treat external thought sometimes as a dangerous virus to be innoculated against. However open organisations allow evolutionary knowledge to help them develop better organisations and people. This enables them to meet the changes in the external business market which blow through the legal market in the UK which enables them to survive at the start of the change and then prosper as less open organisations fail.

Following on from two posts ago it is another reason why people should ask “What if?” ”What’s Next” and ”Why” on a daily basis in order to challenge our surroundings and become agents for change.

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