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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Vaslentines Day KM thought

Is Knowledge Management dependent on love? I remember reading about 5 years ago a quote by Tim Sanders of Yahoo - which said

Love, he wrote, “is the selfless promotion of the growth of the other.” When you help others grow to become the best people that they can be, you are being loving — and as a result, you grow.
Isn’t the sharing of knowledge like that.

When I was writing my Masters thesis, one of the partners in the firm I was studying was pointed out to me as a paragon of knowledge sharing and was highly rated by everyone from the trainee to the senior partner in his firm.

I had to go and have a chat with him and asked him why he was so generous with his knowledge.

He said to me that he gave out his knowledge not because he expected something back - but because he could not stand by and see someone struggling, if he had the knowledge that would help them move forward. If he did that once a day he went home content.

So what one piece of information did you share today to help a colleague forward. Just try it, you never know when someone will provide you with the same service to help you look good in the eyes of your client.

I’ll follow up tomorrow with five reasons why ‘love’ as quoted above conquers all

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