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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A nice analogy

I recently picked a comment up from a blog by Jack Vinson, which may help a busy manager or two better understand about the need for KM.

As I note from reading a few of my reports that I have slipped into car metaphors - I thought that I’d take it for another lap today.

  • If your destination is the customer…
  • The road map, the business strategy…
  • The vehicle, the organization…
  • The champion, the Managing and Senior Partner
  • The engine, the employees…
  • And the wheels, the business processes…
  • What is the fuel that your business runs on?
  • Knowledge!
Does the fuel need to be managed or is it our responsibility to make sure the tank is full (and regularly replenished)?

Knowledge pretty much is the only asset that a firm has - and it is the way that we can distinguish ourselves from our competitors. So does your firm possess the following ability in reference to knowledge management to make sure that the petrol tank is not only full but that it has the right combinations of fuel - or does it have diesel, where it needs unleaded.

Are youan organisation concerned with increasing awareness, fostering learning, speeding collaboration & innovation and exchanging insights through a mixture of people, processes and technology on a daily basis as part of our natural work flows.

Answers on a postcard please

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