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Friday, February 16, 2007

We are what we do - and Knowledge Management

I was at an event last night hosted by Birmingham Forward and Thrive and acted as one of the facilitators to a group meeting for about 20 minutes. I’ve been involved in WAWWD for about 2 years now having met one of the founders at an event 2 years ago. For more details about this, then click on the link in the title

What from a knowledge management point of view I was interested in was how people once they have heard a talk on a subject went away and in 20 minutes of chatting came up with a series of interesting, innovative and implementable ideas. What was also interesting was the look of contentment on peoples faces and these were some of the leading businessmen in Brum, that for twenty minutes they were doing something of real interest to them.

This to me is the benefit of small groups that are keen on a subject, that their interest leads them to come up with small improvements that might make a big difference. Can you imagine small informal groups in your team covering an interesting part of the law, or an area of commerciality sharing knowledge and experiences amongst them selves over a cup of coffee and making a real difference to themselves and by sharing it with other colleagues.

We all know people who are interested in subjects and they know others too - so my challenge is is to find and develop these groups to tap in to this wisdom - nothing formal - but so so powerful and something that will drive knowledge sharing forward in our organisations by a large factor.

At a recent Xmas dinner a senior manager once mentioned that when everyone in the firm works together on a common purpose then nothing can stop us.

The equation is as follows

Small changes in daily actions X Large Amounts of People = Big Changes.

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